Unusual wildflowers and plants.

Living here for so long we have had the good fortune to find many wonderful and surprising little gems lurking in the landscape.


This charming little plant appears to be way out of it's range here according to my books it should be in the central eastern parts of NSW. But this was found in a recently flooded waterway right here. Common name is Twining Fringe Lily or Thysanotus patersonii.

A member of the Maireana family, this one is found growing among the rocks in our Lake Paddock and the one below I found growing happily under some Dogwood trees and I have no idea what it is - but it's pretty!

Different things appear at different times of the year and of course there has to be some rain to encourage their growth. It's not just all Eucalypti, Acacias and Eremophilas we also have a rare and unusual Hakea growing here, a stunning Grevillea, Sturts Desert Rose and stacks of other beautiful plants just waiting for your inspection!