Exploroz National Gathering 2018

Here! At Kilcowera!!

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We are hosting the 2018 Exploroz National Gathering! How's that??? It's all going to be happening right here next year starting on the 1st October and going through til the evening of the 5th. Come and stay, you can camp or have accommodation in our comfortable Shearers Quarters which has 8 bedrooms - just 8, so you had better get in quick if you want a bed! Camping is either at the Shearers Quarters or alongside the lagoon which is a couple of kilometres from the Quarters.

You can keep up to date with what will be happening via our website, Facebook page and our blog as well as the website but bear in mind it's not happening until October next year so information will start flowing in 2018.

For bookings please contact Toni or Greg on 07 4655 4960 or (email is preferred please). Other useful links are: or or