A Cattle Station has got to have some cattle!

Some cow facts.


We conservatively stock our country here at Kilcowera. In a reasonable season we run around 1 cow to 100 acres. This gives us plenty of room to spread them around when the dry times inevitably return. We used to have a straight Hereford herd but now we have a bit of a mix. Some Herefords still and now a herd of composite cows as well. They are Brahmin, Droughtmaster and Charolais cross. We run Droughtmaster bulls with them and Hereford Bulls with the Hereford cows. It's interesting to see that if any Herefords get into the paddock with the other cows, they don't mix - each breed sticks with their own. We have them separated so they all have the right bulls in with them. The bulls are with the cows all the time. We have a pretty good calving percentage and if a cow hasn't got a calf with her, said cow goes on the truck. After all we are beef producers, that's our business. Our cattle numbers are way down at the moment as this long dry spell continues. We just have to keep selling all our young cattle and the older cows every year and try and hang onto sufficient cows to breed our way back up when we eventually get some rain again. Crunch time is coming however, if we don't get rain soon we may have to destock.

Hereford cows at Kilcowera Station