Come for a stroll around my garden - come on you know you want to!

30 years of gardening in the Outback

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When I first started my garden here at the Kilcowera Homestead, I had had a practice run as we had previously lived at the Shearers Quarters for 10 years. That garden was mostly the odd tree, a few fruit trees, lots of lawn and a massive vegetable garden. So after we built the house I had a clean slate to start with - a whole lot of nothingness all around the house! The garden could be as big or little as I wanted! So I just started carting dirt in by the old wheel barrow load, lugging rocks in to make garden beds, I also used old fence posts for garden beds, leveling the ground and planting runners of Kikuyu grass for the lawn, raiding everyone elses garden for cuttings or little plants and just planting stuff!

For the first 10 years or so the garden went gangbusters, I had roses, day lilies, canna lilies, daffodils, petunias, bougainvilleas, oleanders, jonquils, melaleucas, callistemons , fruit trees and a large vegetable garden, it seemed that I couldn't go wrong. But after that the decline set in. Too much bore water, too much drought, too much heat, too many hungry gum trees, not enough rain and poor soil that had become very alkaline all contributed to all the nice things dying one by one. So this is now the garden that I have, the survivors! There is nothing easy about gardening in the climate that I live in, but to us this garden is so important, during the many droughts that we have lived through here this little acre or so of greenery keeps us sane! But I must say it's not much fun moving hoses and filling up buckets and pots with water for the birds when it's 48 degrees. I hate the summer out here now, but right now it's autumn and the weather is perfect, we have had some rain and I am enjoying this time of the year!