From stinky old Engine room to Bathroom

Out with the old Southern Cross 32 volt generator

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When we first lived here at Kilcowera all we had to generate our electricity was the diesel 32 volt generator, it was noisy and smelly but very reliable. About the only problem we ever had with it was that the diesel would sometimes freeze in the fuel tank and so the gen set wouldn't go until the day warmed up. There was a bank of batteries that would be charging while the engine was going, these were second hand, sort of borrowed from Telecom! We then moved up in the world a little and erected some solar panels and an inverter so we could have a few things like a TV for watching videos, there was no TV coverage out here then, a mixmaster , fans and a few other little appliances, you couldn't run anything too big though. My old Simpson washing machine was 32 volt, you know the ones with the wringers? The real electricity only got here in 1990. Anyway Greg converted the old engine room into a bathroom so that our guests had another one to use. I purchased the basin, shower floor, shower rose and the toilet from a tip shop ( fantastic places! ) The fittings, pipes and shower walls from the local hardware store, a lick of paint and a lot of scrubbing and there it was. You would never know it's original use! We had to mix a lot of cement to cover the floor where the old engine had been bolted down, I think the floor is about 30cm deep. It's not a beautiful bathroom but it's functional!