My thoughtful hubby made me a little bushhouse

Sharing a nice memory with you all

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We built our house here on Kilcowera in 1990 and somewhere in that new decade Greg decided to surprise me by making a little bush house for me to keep my cuttings, seedlings and new plants in. All made from bits and pieces of pipe, leftover w strap from the cattle yards, offcuts of weldmesh, shadecloth scavenged from somewhere and lastly he even put pavers on the "floor"! In the years since I have made very good use of this little structure. Just now I cleaned it out and so many memories came back to me of plants dead and alive, where I put them, who I gave them too, little trees that are now enormous, dug up from creek beds on the property, spiders, the odd snake, lots of frogs and lizards too. In summer I put sheets over the whole thing to protect my plants from the heat and water them every day. But there is not much left in there now, just a few plants to get the new owners interested in my little bush house and carry on planting!