Some answers to all the questions.


How do you pronounce Kilcowera?

Kil – cow – ra. Cow as in moo cow, ra rhyming with huh.

How do you pronounce Thargomindah?

Thar – go – min –dah dead easy!

Do we need a 4 wheel drive to visit Kilcowera?

No, but you do need a vehicle with a bit of clearance to drive some of the station tracks. Low profile tyres are not the go. The unsealed main roads are usually in good order and it's just a matter of taking your time and driving to the conditions.
We are 90km south Thargomindah, of which about 60km is unsealed and 90km north of Hungerford all of which is a gravel road.

Can I tow my caravan to Kilcowera Station?

Absolutely, but please bear in mind that we are only accessible by unsealed roads in both directions. Your van doesn't need to be an off road type ... just drive to the conditions.

Should I book ahead if I just want to camp?

It's not necessary, but a good idea ... just in case we're out the back somewhere when you arrive or already fully booked. We only have 10 secluded waterfront campsites, (some large enough for big groups) and never squeeze more in.

Do you have powered sites?

Yes we now have 3. And we can supply power via extension cords if more are required for you to run appliances if you're camping at our Shearers Quarters campground. No powered sites at the bush camp sites.

Do I need a 4WD to do the self drive tours?

A 4wd vehicle isn't necessary but good ground clearance is required for creek crossings and to get over some rocky sections on our station tracks.

Is there mobile phone coverage at Kilcowera?

Yes – It's patchy in places but good on our higher country and Telstra is the only carrier that operates in the bush.

Is Kilcowera Station pet friendly?

Yes, we do welcome pets here on the station; however dogs must be under your strict supervision and / or restrained at all times. Not everyone like dogs as much as we do! We do not allow pets into the Shearers Quarters accommodation due to local health regulations.

Can I buy fuel and basic food provisions nearby?

Thargomindah has a good grocery shop which is not open all weekend and usually has fuel. BUT has been known to run out of fuel with monotonous regularity during the busy winter months. So therefore you would be well advised to fuel up before arriving at Thargo. This is really common sense when driving in isolated areas – see fuel bowser – fill 'er up! Also you may potentially drive a couple of hundred kilometres whilst you are at Kilcowera. So do yourself a favour and fill up when you can. Hungerford usually has fuel and sells very basic supplies ie: potatoes, onions, frozen bread, beer and they make a great steak sandwich too!

Are meals available at Kilcowera?

Yes we will cater for groups of 6 people or more who book this option in advance. We can do a camp oven dinner for you or a regular meal straight from the kitchen.

Do you have ensuited accommodation?

No – the Shearers Quarters accommodation has 8 bedrooms, a very large communal area, a kitchen and dining room.
The 3 bathrooms are separate and outside, only a tiny walk from your bedroom.

Will we have the Shearers Quarters all to ourselves?

You may have the accommodation all to yourself or you may be sharing it with other like minded travellers. Unless of course you have a large group and wish to book it out just for your use.

Do you take credit card payments?

No. You can pay in advance via internet banking or cheque, or pay by cheque, cash or the internet while you are here.