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We have created the perfect tours for you to enjoy the sights of Kilcowera Station

Visiting an Outback cattle station wouldn’t be complete unless you do a tour or two of the property. Sit back and relax while we  take you on a guided tour or set off yourself on a self drive exploration of Kilcowera and see its diverse range of wildlife, land types and vegetation communities.

Kilcowera and Lake Wyara tour

Kilcoweras’ eastern boundary is shared with Currawinya National Park. Our guests have exclusive access to the western side of the 3000 hectare, saline, Lake Wyara. Our challenging sixty kilometre scenic drive takes you to such attractions as: Murderer’s Bore, the scene of the grisly 1940’s murder, Rustlers Roost, Red Hole, Lake Wyara and Cardenyabba Lagoon. Explore the many gorges, small caves, creeks and waterholes that you will find on your way. Do a little bird watching and wildlife spotting while having lunch or smoko by a peaceful waterhole.

Water Run Tour

Take a morning off and head out on the weekly water run tour. You will be checking the stock, the fences, the troughs, the level of the water in the tanks and keeping an eye out for anything unusual such as dingo tracks. If you want to know more about station life this is the way to learn what goes on all year around.

Self Guided or Shorter Tours

Remember you have the option of self-guided tours on our well sign posted tracks or a guided tour in a station vehicle. Guided tours range from a few hours to most of the day and can be tailored specifically to our guests needs and interests. A high clearance vehicle is needed for some, but not all of the station tracks.

There are also other shorter drives that take you to different areas of the property and all are signposted and marked on the mud map that you will be given on arrival. With the many different land and eco systems found on Kilcowera visitors will discover a stunning range of wildflowers after suitable rainfall and a diversity of shrubs and trees unique to the Mulga Rangelands.

“We are all just visitors to this time, this place. We are just passing through. Our purpose here is to observe, to learn, to grow, to love and then we return home.”

Australian Aboriginal Proberb

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